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Uberhorny.com Review: Local Meetups within half an hour

If you don’t want to know what it means to be literally taken for a ride, stop using fraudulent dating websites! Easier said than done. This Uberhorny review is helping you get out of your head when searching for good hookup sites and avoid scams. The only driver in charge here will be you, and the experience will be sooo different than any other mess you’ve had with fake dating services. No more false info, fake profiles, and hidden charges. Here is why!

Uberhorny Review: The ride of your lifetime

The only similarity this hookup app has with Uber is in the ease of finding a date. It will be as easy as ordering an Uber ride. But you won’t have to deal with other Uber nonsense? for sure! No delays, inexperienced drivers, rip-off rides, and unsafe circling around town. You will be the man since all it takes is a couple of minutes to create a free profile, start searching, and within a couple of weeks, you’ll land a hot date. These are the things I particularly like in Uberhorny:

1. Great Customer Service

Have a problem with logging in? There are ready made solutions and FAQs. Can’t find your way around the site? Just call and you’ll have your questions answered 24/7. Your card doesn’t work? Look for an alternative among the multiple options. Everything is so easy. It’s not as complicated as Uber scams.

2. Active Twtter viewership and Snapchat

You can learn a lot about a dating website from its activity. And so many things are happening here that this Uberhorny review would have taken ages if I included everything. Therefore, I recommend checking Twitter and Snapchat for more info about the user community. Also, check out other positive Uberhorny reviews. This site is legit

3. No Make-believe Profiles

Unlike many competitors, this Site does not contain any profiles created by the Site whether to increase member numbers or entertain or otherwise engage with users of the Site nor for any other purpose.

The above excerpt is from the T&C. As you probably know, it’s a piece of pie to falsify profiles online. That’s why we and so many others are doing reviews. The customer service team does an amazing job of keeping out fake profiles and scammers on Uberhorny

5. Affordable Costs

When things get busy, they get expensive. But not so much on Uberhorny. One of my favorite things on the list! Here are the costs for all subscriptions.

  • 2-day trial membership for $2.48
  • 17-day trial membership for $9.95
  • 1-month membership for $34.95 a month
  • 6-month membership for $11.65 a month
  • 12-month membership for $6.67 a month

Concluding the Uberhorny Review

In conclusion, apart from the aspects above, you should keep in mind that there are millions of members, detailed search filters, and simple registration. Did I mention that I found some of the hottest chicks in the online dating world here? Okay, maybe not as hot as Fling, but definitely top babes. Try it out, it’s worth, especially if you are used to Uber-type of apps and want a quick hookup. That’s the whole idea behind Uberhorny!