HighReply review 2024

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What is High Reply?

Created by industry veterans looking to address common problems on dating sites and dating apps. High Reply rewards quality users by showing them higher in the search results. The more members engage with each other, and the higher their rating amongst members, the higher their quality score will be. It is an excellent free site experience with a premium credit system to make communication even better.
The site offers 24/7 Customer service and support to route out fake profiles and has a verification feature so you can trust who you are speaking with.

Quick and Easy Sign Up

Signing up for HighReply is quick and easy. However, with the interest in having the highest quality profiles, high reply does ask more questions than our regular dating site we review. To setup your profile right, they get your age, your gender, the type of relationship your are looking for and your ideal age match. They also ask for what gender you are interested in. With the basics covered, there are some questions with preset answers, they ask for your hobbies to and at least one high quality picture of yourself.

Site Design

Highreply has a nice clean aesthetic with soothing pink and purple color scheme. It offers and intuitive swipe interface with bonus actions like voice messages and video chat which are fun and easy to use.

Dating site with higher purpose

On the high reply website, they say “Our goal is to create the best place to meet new people. We are going to need your help. It starts with you taking the registration process seriously. All profiles are reviewed, and higher-quality profiles will be rewarded with more views.”

This goal leads, to more frequent replies and nicer people in communications. The site rewards the better users with more traffic in search results so that you find engaged people here.

Customer Service and Security

24/7 support means that all profiles are checked on setup and fake profiles or fishers are routed out quickly. Catfisher’s take note, you are not going to last here. Tech or billing support questions are answered quickly. Highreply supports vertification for it’s members through pic and video so you can be sure you are talking to who they say they are.


This is what all online dating sites should be like. I look forward to watching it grow. The focus on quality and communication makes it fun to talk to others. While the security features and the fact that the person I’m talking to is who they say they are makes it worth my time.