A new Virtual Reality Experience you can Smell

What is OhRoma?

OhRoma is a sensory mask that users attach to their virtual reality headset & synch with their teledildonics accessory. Just as a user sees, hears and feels in their 360-degree virtual surroundings while wearing their headset, with OhRoma they can now smell them too! Invented by the engineers at CamSoda Labs, users can choose from an assortment of sensual scents that are proven to excite, arouse and, ultimately, climax.

See, Hear, Feel & now Smell in Virtual Reality

  • In 2015 you experienced virtual reality.
  • In 2016 you experienced adult entertainment virtual reality and were able to experience tactile sensations via teledildonics with your favorite pornstar.
  • In 2017 you will experience adult entertainment virtual reality with teledildonics and be able to smell your favorite pornstar.

Fill Canisters

Each OhRoma mask features two canisters that contain 3 cartridge slots. Users open their OhRoma mask and insert scented OhRoma cartridges of their choosing into each canister.

Attach Canisters

With the cartridges ready to go, users simply snap on their OhRoma mask and turn it on. Via the app, OhRoma will automatically pair with Bluetooth on a user’s smartphone.

Smell Canisters

Users place the OhRoma mask over their face. The mask will heat up the cartridges and begin to produce various aromas. Users can utilize the app to pick and choose the aroma they want to smell. They can even combine aromas and switch between how heavy or light each scent is.

Over 30 Different Sensual Scents

OhRoma Sensual Scents

You smell panties, breasts, and even their skin. It smells so real you feel like you’re actually there and totally forget where you are watching from.

James B., California
Choose between 30 different combinations of scents which allow users to smell everything from private parts to body odor to fragrances to panties to tasty aphrodisiacs. With OhRoma, users and their partners can activate the scents at any time, allowing them to get up close and personal like never before.

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