What is it?

The O-Seat 
Just in time for the holidays, CamSoda is announcing a brand new product for cycling enthusiasts. Dubbed “O-Seat,” the product is a vibrating bike seat that cyclists – *Peloton enthusiasts, *SoulCycle devotees, road racers, mountain bikers, bike tourers, leather lovers and even commuters - can attach to their bike for extra comfort and sexual stimulation while riding. The innovative, comfortable bike seat features a discreet pouch that users can slip their smart sex toy (Lovense Lush) into. O-Seat is easily transportable and users can quickly, and discreetly, affix it to their smart bike at home or to a bike at a local cycling studio.

In order to use an O-Seat, users will need to purchase the seat itself and have a Lovense Lush toy to insert into it. Users will be required to connect their O-Seat to their CamSoda account via their mobile device. Before their ride begins, users choose to turn their CamSoda account public or keep it private.
 - If kept on public, their O-Seat is controlled by users’ tips. The more money people tip, the more the O-Seat vibrates.
 - If kept on private, a user’s O-Seat is only controlled by one other person (a boyfriend, significant other, etc.). They have sole control over the vibrations of the O-Seat and can turn them up and down accordingly.

“2019 has been a hallmark year for cycling. People have become obsessed with it. *Peloton is a now bonafide fitness phenomenon. *SoulCycle has a cult-like following. With millions of impassioned riders now taking cycling classes at cycling studios and/or via a smart bike at their home, we figured we’d provide them with some sexual pleasure while doing so,” said Daryn Parker, VP, CamSoda. “O-Seat rewards riders for reaching their peak performance with a climax. Now, while people pedal harder and faster, not only will they sweat more and burn more calories, they will also receive sexual stimulation. O-Seat is easily transportable and can be used while riding from the comfort of home, while riding at a cycling class or while going on a bike ride through your favorite park. Get on and get off with the O-Seat this holiday season. It’ll make for a great stocking stuffer!”
CamSoda has also extended an offer to Monica Ruiz, the actress behind the infamous *Peloton holiday commercial, to be the face of O-Seat and star in an upcoming holiday commercial.

Availabe in these Color Options:

CamSoda Pink - $29.99


camsoda blue - $29.99


Classic Grey - $29.99


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