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AvatarMy Broadcasting Schedule for 20-26 September: ♦ Wednesday (09/22) - 6pm - 11pm ♦ Thursday (09/23) - 1pm - 11pm ♦ Friday (09/24) - 1pm - 11pm • GMT+3 •
AvatarMy Broadcasting Schedule for 13-19 September: ♦ Tuesday (09/14) - 6pm - 11pm ♦ Thursday (09/16) - 1pm - 11pm ♦ Friday (09/17) - 1pm - 11pm • GMT+3 •
AvatarMy Broadcasting Schedule 6-12 September: ♦ Monday day off ♦ Tuesday- day off ♦ Wednesday - 6pm-11pm ♦ Thursday - 1pm-11pm ♦ Friday -1pm-11pm ♦ Saturday - day off ♦ Sunday - day off • GMT+3 •
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About Me

Hi, today I going on vacation for week.Dont forget me ABOUT ME: Hey! I’m a young guy named Jeremiah who is always looking for adventures. I often watch TV-shows about humor and politics. I’m a vegan, guitar player, street-wear sets creator. HOBBY: I love making masks of papier-mache and customize clothes. Papier-mache is shredded paper mixed up with glue. It also requires a face mannequin in order to the finished mask fits perfectly. Ask me about that and I’ll give you a piece of advice. I love Japanese culture, those samurai armor, costumes...they really attract me. I also love playing a guitar, but I’m not a professional, just an amateur. I LIKE: I’m enjoying life when I spend my time with smart and fun people. I love computer games and I’m dreaming of creating my own game which is gonna be the best one in the world! SEX FANTASIES: People in uniform, costumes, cosplayers and people with tattoos are turning me on. My sex fantasy is to stay in university after the class with my professor who will take me roughly and we shall have a hardcore sex. He will be in his suit and tie dominating over me. I want him to hold my hands behind my back and do whatever he wants with me. SPECIAL INFO: I’ve got piercing in both my ears. I’m dreaming of tattoo so I’d be happy to get a support and donation for my tattoo ☺ WHAT WILL USER SEE IN MY SHOW: Dancing, humor, my marble skin and beautiful eyes - because it all is about me. I also have a great body so you will definitely be satisfied. WHY YOU LIKE THIS WEBSITE: Here you can easily find new friends and enjoy communication. I like discussing different countries, different people. WHY YOU ARE ON THIS WEBSITE: I wanna improve my English, earn some (or much) money, and I’d also like to share music that I listen to and here is the perfect place for that. I DON’T LIKE: Boredom, shyness and discrimination. I’m always trying to be a happy man, whatever happens to me, and this is what I’m expecting from others. I hate lazy people, if you are lazy - we are not on the same page. WHAT I LIKE THE MOST ABOUT SEX: Openness, mutual respect and sensuality. Changing pace, different positions, no restraint. I love giving and getting a blowjob. The best emotion in sex is enjoying the process. I’m always ready for experiments. FAVORITE FOOD: Falafel FAVORITE MOVIE: «The Shawshank Redemption» FAVORITE BOOK: «1984» FAVORITE MUSIC: From which I have a goosebumps Maybe some dreams come true -wish List:

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